Reset Form with JavaScript Function


I going to shared simple JavaScript function for reset all form fields very easily. JavaScript: <script type=“text/javascript”> function reset(){   var demoObj = document.getElementsByClassName(“demo”);   for(let i=0;i<demoObj.length;i++){   //set blank for all input type field   demoObj[i].value=””;   if(demoObj[i].name===“A” || demoObj[i].name===“D”){  …

Laravel: Select and Compare Data with Date


If you want to selecting a data with two date start date and end date in laravel so you can use given example below- Example 1: $start_date=carbon::parse($startDate)->format(“Y-m-d”); $end_date=carbon::parse($endDate)->format(“Y-m-d”); $query=User::query(); $query->whereDate(“created_at”,”>=”, $start_date); $query->whereDate(“created_at”,”<=”, $start_date); $query->get(); And If you want selecting a data with…

All jQuery Effects


In this post you can learn all jQuery Effects and how to use. jQuery Hide/Show Effects- hide() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).hide(); }); show() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).show(); }); toggle() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).toggle(); }); Also example with callback function. $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).show(speed, function(){ //do some action }); }); jQuery…