MySQL Interview Questions and Answers

Q. What is MySQL?

Ans. MySQL is an open-source DBMS that is built, supported and distributed by MySQL. It is now owned by Oracle. MySQL is run on server and depends on server and its open source and free you can download from MySQL website and use it.

Q. How many Triggers are possible in MySQL?

         -Before Insert
-After Insert
-Before Update
-After Update
-Before Delete
-After Delete

Q. What is the default port for MySQL Server?

Ans. The default MySQL server port is 3306.

Q. Difference between CHAR and VARCHAR?

Ans.The CHAR used to store fixed length memory storage whereas VARCHAR is used for variable length memory storage and CHAR 50% faster than VARCHAR and CHAR uses static memory allocation and VARCHAR dynamic memory allocation.

Q. CONCAT function in MySQL?

Ans. CONCAT function is use to concatenate several string together.
SELECT CONCAT(“I”, “LOVE “, “My”, “India”) AS quote;

Q. How the user can get the current SQL version?

Ans. Select VERSION();

Q. Difference between ENUM and SET in MySQL?

Ans. ENUM stores string value options just like HTML Radio Box whereas SET stores a value like checkbox.

Q. Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in MySQL?


Q. Difference between BLOB and TEXT in MySQL?


Q. Differentiate between FLOAT and DOUBLE in MySQL?


Q. What is the difference between primary key and unique key in MySQL?


Q. What are the different types of tables in MySQL?


Q. What are types of joins in MySQL?


Q. Difference between mysql_fetch_array and mysql_fetch_object in MySQL?


Q. Different between NOW() and CURRENT_DATE()?


Q. What is difference between mysql_connect and mysql_pconnect?


Q. What Is Ddl, Dml And Dcl?




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  1. Not very good to be honest. Most companies won’t ask many theoretical questions like these, if any at all. Instead they’ll give you practical coding tasks where you need to apply your knowledge directly.

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