Q. What Is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a open-source free, rapid web development framework of PHP. It’s a based on ORM model and use of CakePHP you can develop all types of websites such as-Portal,E-commerce,CRM,Blog etc.
If want going to start CakePHP you should know about Array, Object and OPPs Conceps then you will learn easily and develop a website.

Q. What Is CakePHP Latest Version?

New CakePHP Version 3.6 Red Velvet now available (Faster. Stronger. Tastier).

Q. What Is The Folder Structure Of CakePHP?

Ans :

  • Bin
  • plugin
  • src
    • Controller
    • Local
    • Models
    • Shell
    • View
    • Template
  • tests
  • tmp
  • logs
  • webrrot
  • vendor

Q. Which file load first when CAKEPHP project execute.



Q. Which Function Is Executed first Before Every Action In The Controller?


function beforeFilter()

Q. What is CakePHP Conventions?

Ans. If you create a file named UsersController.php then controller class should be UsersController.

Q. How to use CakePHP Router?


use Cake\Routing\Router;

// Using a scoped route builder.
Router::scope(‘/’, function ($routes) {
$routes->connect(‘/’, [‘controller’ => ‘Users’, ‘action’ => ‘index’]);

// Using the static method.
Router::connect(‘/’, [‘controller’ => ‘Users’, ‘action’ => ‘index’]);

Q. What is Cakephp Features?


  • Compatible with versions PHP 5 above.
  • Access Control Lists and Authentication.
  • MVC architecture
  • Built-in validations
  • Caching
  • Scaffolding
  • Access Control Lists and Authentication.
  • CSRF protection via Security Component.


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