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Reset Form with JavaScript Function


I going to shared simple JavaScript function for reset all form fields very easily. JavaScript: <script type=“text/javascript”> function reset(){   var demoObj = document.getElementsByClassName(“demo”);   for(let i=0;i<demoObj.length;i++){   //set blank for all input type field   demoObj[i].value=””;   if(demoObj[i].name===“A” || demoObj[i].name===“D”){  …

Laravel: Select and Compare Data with Date


If you want to selecting a data with two date start date and end date in laravel so you can use given example below- Example 1: $start_date=carbon::parse($startDate)->format(“Y-m-d”); $end_date=carbon::parse($endDate)->format(“Y-m-d”); $query=User::query(); $query->whereDate(“created_at”,”>=”, $start_date); $query->whereDate(“created_at”,”<=”, $start_date); $query->get(); And If you want selecting a data with…

Laravel Query Builder


Content Of Laravel Database: Query Builder Introduction Retrieving Results Retrieving All Rows From A Table Retrieving A Single Row / Column From A Table Retrieving A List Of Column Values Chunking Results Aggregates Selects Raw Expressions Joins Inner Join Clause Left Join…

All jQuery Effects


In this post you can learn all jQuery Effects and how to use. jQuery Hide/Show Effects- hide() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).hide(); }); show() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).show(); }); toggle() $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).toggle(); }); Also example with callback function. $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).click(function(){ $(“tageName,.Class,#ID”).show(speed, function(){ //do some action }); }); jQuery…

Use Of indexOf() in JavaScript


Use of these function you can get the position of string or array such as- Syntax: array.indexOf(item, start) //For getting position of Array with start number Syntax: array.indexOf(item) //For getting position of Array Syntax: str.indexOf(item) //For getting position of string var arr= [“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”];…